Monday, April 13, 2015

Thousands rally atop Mauna Kea to halt the construction of the TMT

"It is a rally call that has unified our people."
 This is about a our people, not just the telescope. 

This is what they are trying to build...
 This is what is already there....

 This is how many of us Hawaiians and many non-Hawaiians who respect Hawaii, it's people, land and culture feel.......

Video from one of our local television stations 10:34 PM HST Apr 12, 2015 :

Video Transcript:

Thousands rallied on the Big Island and Oahu to call for a halt to construction of the controversial 30 meter telescope. Good evening I'm Pamela Young. We have team coverage from both Islands. We begin with KITV4's Brenton Awa who spent the day atop Mauna Kea. Brenton Oncam In "Pam -- this is where it all started -- Mauna Kea. The people up here aren't calling it protests though. They're saying this is an awakening for the people and everything they're doing is with aloha. No weapons -- just powerful words." 15:14 - put this song under the shots and sots til song runs out. DONT use the shot tho as the opener, INSTEAD open the pkg with the shot at :10 "Aole ae kau i ka plima..." 4157 Hina Wong - let previous shot run over her little bit. "it is a rally call that has unified our people. The kanaka Oiwi of this land and the cries have gone out and been heard all throughout the paeai." Nats at 20:15 - Blowing da Pu "Conch shell noise..." Use shot at 17:47 of crying as cutaway over Pu and let it run over the next sot small kine 4310 - Kahookahi kanuha "so much strength gathered so much mana gathered the power of the people and the power of the voice and so many voices of the people together, absolutely amazing. And we feel with our collective voices and collective unity, we can bring PONO back to his land to this Aina and together we can stop this." nats at 20:50 - 20:57 - chanting "Kea... ...e nats at 21:52 - 21:57 - chanting - let this run under the next sot "E hale... e." 4239 Hina Wong "this issue is not just about a telescope. This is really about the larger issues, about us our people our political status our rights as people of this land and this is just the beginning." nats at 37:40 - 37:46 - continue nats under the next sot "O Ha'aheo..." 4430 - Kahookahi kanuha "the original agreement was to have one and that led to more and that led to more so if we don't stop this one who's to say that they're not going to continue." nats at 30:30 chanting to drums and hula - run under the next sot too "Hula and drums..." 4841 - Lanakila mangauil "people are starting to wake up to what is important for our homes for our environments for our future generations." nats Hawaii Aloha from Brenton's iPhone - if blurry, use churmas wide shot of crowd from vantage point above them "Mai na aheahe makani ..." 4225 Hina Wong "for some of us we never could imagine that this day would come that our flags would fly so proudly." sound up "Mau ke aloha no hawaii." Brenton Oncam - don't cover this "You just saw some halau performing. Some of the names who showed up today -- kealii reichel Hina Wong Aunty Vicky holy Takamine. They all came up after being at the Merrie monarch last night. The governor has put another halt to construction. It's scheduled to be on hold for another week. In the meantime - there's no sign that these protests will end. Brenton Awa kitv4 news." The construction delay will last at a week.

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