Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Global Heat Fashion Shoot Maui, Hawaii

 Global Heat

Styling by Conn Brattain | Photography by Sue Hudelson | Hair by Jeffie Harris, Vanity Salon | Makeup by Camille Kozuki | Models: Leiohu Richmond & Makane | Location: Lumeria Maui, Makawao


Leiohu: Green-print Bali bustle dress, $225; mother-of-pearl belt, $45; both by and at Maggie Coulombe. Jungle-print Brooklyn pants by Lenny Niemeyer, $555; horn and metal bangles by Ashley Pittman, set of seven, $495; both at Cabana, Four Seasons Resort Maui. Tribal puka-shell collar from Papua New Guinea, $300, special order at Pearl Butik. White-leather and gold-stud belt by Calleen Cordero (worn as wrap bracelet), $146 at Biasa Rose. Gold vermeil hill-tribe ring, $109, by and at Indigo. Brown leather Patch Tassle handbag, $240, by and at Folli Follie. Champagne leather Loop-Hi sandal, $280, by United Nude at Sandal Tree.

Makane: Two hand-block-printed cotton shirts, $78 each, by and at Indigo. Olive-green skinny chinos, $290; white-cotton belt with brass buckle, $125; both by Rag & Bone, at Cabana, Four Seasons Resort Maui. Puka-shell necklace with shell pendant by Simone Reddingius, $250 at Pearl Butik. Fresh Hilo Maile lei, $46 to order at Native Intelligence


Leiohu: Pow-Wow bikini, $222; matching vinyl tote, $202; both by Mara Hoffman, at Nuage Bleu. Neon elastic-strap heels by United Nude, $360 at Maggie Coulombe. Silver geometric 
earrings, $14; multiple gold-studded, neon wrap bracelets, $22 each; both by Blue Sky, at Mahina.

Makane: Polynesian blazer, $475; matching shorts, $125; both by M. Nii, at Puka Puka. Black leather Akepa mocs by OluKai, $170 at Sandal Tree. Black, recycled painted-paper circle necklace on leather cord by JS Design, $42 at Maggie Coulombe. Black cotton web belt, $3 at Savers.


Leiohu: Slow Color’s blue-and-white-stripe linen scarf (worn as bra top), $95 at The Mercantile. Updated vintage denim jacket with hand-bleached henna pattern by Remused, $110; lapis mala with gold silk tassel, $90; at Nohealani Boutique. White-leather and gold-stud belt by Calleen Cordero, $146 at Biasa Rose. Tiffany Chou’s gold coral hoop earrings, $60 at Kapalua Logo Shop. Navy-and-gold cork wedges by Stella McCartney, $686 at 22 Knots, Four Seasons Resort Maui. Druzie and oxidized-silver headband by CShay, $180 at Pearl Butik.

Makane: John & Louise Severson’s vintage block-print aloha-spirit shirt for Kahala, $74 at Puka Puka. Bone-and-agate mala with white silk tassel, $60 at Nohealani. Vintage blue-stripe web belt, $4 at Savers. Navy ‘Ohana canvas shoe by OluKai, $100 at Cabana, Four Seasons Resort Maui. Both wear Turkish-cotton fouta towels by 9Space as draped pants, $80 each at Pearl Butik.


Leiohu: Black tube top, $12 at Mahina. Sheer black cardigan by Pico 1988, $39 at Nohealani Boutique. Velvet flocked Navajo scarf by Leigh & Luca, $158 at Biasa Rose. Floor-length pleated pink chiffon skirt by Alice & Olivia, $396 at Cabana, Four Seasons Resort Maui. Louis Vuitton’s Indian-rose patent leather Sobe evening clutch with gold LV clasp, price on request at Louis Vuitton. At Baron & Leeds: 18kt white-gold, black-and-white 5.56cttw diamond teardrop earrings, $11,250; 18kt white-gold, 5-band black-and-white 5.74cttw diamond ring, $11,360; 18kt white-gold, five-concentric-circle 1.91cttw diamond necklace, $8,340; all by Como Italia. Premier .26cttw diamond bezel stainless steel and black ceramic watch by Chanel, $7,000.

Makane: Black-and-white-checked shirt by Benson, $136 at Cabana, Four Seasons Resort Maui. Charcoal chinos by Splendid Mills, $135; Leigh & Luca’s velvet flocked bloom scarf (worn as belt), $174; both at Biasa Rose. 18kt white-gold, 37” 56.66cttw diamond necklace by Como Italia, $197,500; white dial Milgauss watch by Rolex, $7,650; at Baron & Leeds.


Leiohu: Pink-and-yellow-striped flower-print tank top, $260; metallic floral jacquard shorts, $725; both by Stella McCartney at 22 Knots, Four Seasons Resort Maui. Pink aloha baseball cap by Kokonut Keiki, $14 at Pink by Nature. Crochet and gray-pearl necklaces by Chan Lu, $175 each at Cabana, Four Seasons Resort Maui. Set of three metallic studded bangles, $17 at Mahina. Large gold-vermeil wave earrings, $176, by and at Indigo. Tangerine Mojito heels by Julian Hakes, $250 at Sandal Tree. Orange leather K Vintage handbag, $265 at Folli Follie.

Makane: Vintage aloha shirt by Yvonne for Kahala, $10; multistripe web belt, $3; both at Savers. Rose cotton shorts by Tailor Vintage, $73; gray nylon-canvas desert boots by Toms, $78; both at Biasa Rose. Sterling silver Me&Ro horn necklace on leather cord, $120 at The Mercantile. Multistriped socks, $3 at Kmart.


Leiohu: Baby-doll dress with abstract ikat print by C. Miya, $120 at Indigo. Ethnic print chiffon skirt by Tolani, $176 at Nuage Bleu. Gold-studded black horn cuff by Ashley Pittman, $395 at Cabana, Four Season Resort Maui. Multiple orange and gold bangles by Spartina 449, $36–$50, exclusively at Kapalua Logo Shop. Beaded headbands (2) by Deepa, $63 and $95 at Biasa Rose. Brass bead, multistrand necklace on silk cord by Anandhi, $60 at Nohealani Boutique. Louis Vuitton’s Eden monogram handbag in camel, price on request at Louis Vuitton. Black-and-white Geisha shoe by United Nude, $300 at Sandal Tree.

Makane: M. Nii’s plaid Pineapple Field shirt, $165 at Puka Puka. Drawstring linen pants by Union Jeans, $90 at Cabana, Four Seasons Resort Maui. Pyrite chunk necklace, $125; shark-tooth necklace, $165; both by RueBelle, at The Mercantile. Fresh kukunaokala lei, $12 to order at Native Intelligence. Chestnut-suede desert boots by Toms, $83 at Biasa Rose.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

E Ho'omau series: Pele Searches for a Home

Pele Searches for a Home




E Ho'omau series: Why Maui Snared the Sun

Why Maui Snared the Sun




E Ho'omau series: Menehune and the Birds

Please check out this Hawaiian children's video from the E Ho'omau series.....

PREL Menehune and the Birds E Ho’omau!

E Ho’omau!: Kēhau, a young Menehune boy, and his best friend, a little ‘elepaio bird, discover that a group of men has been killing the birds of the Kaua‘i rainforest in order to harvest their feathers faster. Kēhau and ‘Elepaio seek out the Menehune Chief and his warriors to help save their friends and find a way to change the habits of these men or risk losing the beautiful birds forever.