Friday, July 25, 2014

Lace Trimmed Standard Pillowcase Tutorial

 Simple standard pillowcases with French seams and lace trim.  They are easy to make and a good project for a beginner sewer.

Go here for full instructions ~ 
Thanks to Mary @ at home on the bay for sharing.
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Add a Polynesian twist to these this wonderful project by choosing a few favorite Polynesian, Hawaiian or barkcloth vintage fabrics and dressing them up in the same way.  Why not get really inspired and add a few throw pillows in using the same trim technique.  This would be a wonderful addition to any solid color bedspread or quilt bring in some island flavor to your bedroom.  So many creative options.

Some Polynesian inspiration for you ~
More inspiration:
Or google Miss Tahiti, Polynesian fashion etc. 

Have fun and mix up your fabric choices and get creative with your trims!

Best documentaion of my favorite Tahitian printed fabrics....

Really distasteful take on Polynesian life from the 60's - some still have this view of us today.  I am, however,  thankful for the rare 'historical' documentation of the textiles of this era preserved on this film. 

French Polynesian Chic

French Polynesian Chic

French Polynesian Chic by dani808 featuring bootcut jeans

 Add a Temana Woven Belt to your basic tank & Jeans to add some Polynesian flair to your summer wardrobe.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Patagonia R1® Spring Juanita

Patagonia R1® Spring Juanita

Patagonia R1® Spring Juanita by dani808 on Polyvore

Product Information for Patagonia

Product Description
With graceful style and shapely lines, the R1® Reversible Spring Juanita gives you formfitting warmth through sunny morning sessions and orange-lit evening glass-offs. Designed for water temperatures from 65 -- 75 F / 18 -- 23 C, the Juanita is handmade with fully reversible 2mm neoprene, and features an innovative bikini-style tieback for simple changing and a secure fit. Other features include spandex binding along the arm, leg and collar openings, and reinforced seams designed for flex and durability. A spirited, playful suit that moves with your body as you speed into bottom turns or skip forward to hang your toes over the tip. Formfitting.