Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Hellers

 The Hellers is comprised of brother & sister duo Dania and Yoram Heller, who are based out of Tel Aviv and LA. their Spring Summer 2012 line Wild Child of the Aeolian Isles was inspired by the Brontë sisters - imagine Jane Eyre, off on a sun glazed trip to the Aeolian Islands…

50s Belle Bustier - Mint Garden

 The Eyre Skirt - Mint Garden


  The Eyre Skirt - Digital Flowers &
50s Belle Bustier - Digital Orange Floral


 The New Alisa Dress - Digital Yellow Floral


 The Summer Coat - Light Blue Bouquet

 Kimono Chiffon Jacket - Digital Birds, 
 50s Belle Bustier - Black & 
Kimono Pants - Black Satin


Tailored Shorts - Digital Birds &
Cross Back Crop Top - Black / White



  The New Alisa Dress - Digital Orange Floral &
 The Summer Coat - Digital Flowers

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Lanikai men in Open Class 'Kawainui' with Hinano print paddles!

Kialoa Limited Edition Hinano print paddle advertisement in this the current issue of Pacific Paddler magazine featuring the Lanikai Canoe Club's mens crew in open class va'a Kawainui build by Kamanu Composites! for paddles, for magazine, for photography, for Lanikai Canoe Club, Kailua, Oahu, for canoe manufacture, paddle profile for John Foti sitting in seat one, Jim Foti in seat two in photo

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Video | Maori Weavers Use Feathers to Autograph their Work

This research is so cool - a New Zealand researcher (Hokimate Harwood) has been looking at Maori feather cloaks under the microscope, and she has discovered that weavers use feathers to autograph their work.

Over 20 different native birds (and 10 non-native species) were used to create the 120 cloaks in the museum collection.

Harwood's research investigates how these various feathers were incorporated into the overall design of the cloaks and found that oftentimes a couple feathers were deliberately placed in strategic places. These tiny feathers probably embed messages and, with more research, they could help us to learn more about the artists and their individual styles.

TALES FROM TE PAPA is a new series of mini-documentaries for New Zealand television that showcases the significant pieces held in the national museum.